An Ode of Farewell

I believe it is important to say goodbye. Saying goodbye allows you to validate the the time spent with that person or thing. It says “my time with you was worth something.” And for me, saying goodbye to old things lets me make room for the new things. (Check out our upcoming post on “Ways to Say Goodbye”!) Our house symbolized in some way to me our old life, our life lived in suburbia. In an effort to let go and validate that time in our lives, I wrote this poem: Continue reading


Great Wide Adventure

Our decision to live and teach abroad

It’s amazing to see the Lord work. It’s wonderful for me to look back and see how He’s been preparing us for years. There has been a process to get us to this place of “yes” and I’m so thankful we went through it. We truly believe there is something better than the American Dream, which for us has been a 9-5 that wears you out and leaves nothing for the other things in life. Continue reading