An Ode of Farewell

I believe it is important to say goodbye. Saying goodbye allows you to validate the the time spent with that person or thing. It says “my time with you was worth something.” And for me, saying goodbye to old things lets me make room for the new things. (Check out our upcoming post on “Ways to Say Goodbye”!) Our house symbolized in some way to me our old life, our life lived in suburbia. In an effort to let go and validate that time in our lives, I wrote this poem:

Goodbye, Seventeen Two Zero Seven

You were a great blessing for so long

You opened your doors

And welcomed us in with open arms


Our family started with you

Not a babe, as some had hoped

But a little one nonetheless


His rambunctious humor

Left echoes in your hallways

His marks forever embedded

In your doors and and on your floors


You taught us strength, Seventeen Two Zero Seven

You showed us love

You gave us celebration

And blessings from above


We love you, Seventeen Two Zero Seven

You hold a place so dear

Your table saw countless loved ones

Including some that have passed on


Your rooms held so many souls

And taught us how to see

The promises of the Lord

That weren’t yet fully grown


You showed us how to care

How to steward blessings

How to dream, live and learn


You saw our love, our heartache,

Our cries in anguish and our shouts of joy

You were part of us

You made us who we were


You belong to them now

I know you’ll continue to bless and to teach

Your wisdom remains in your walls


I hope they’ll love you

And celebrate you

And leave you better than before


You’ll always hold a sweet place in our hearts, Seventeen Two Zero Seven

You were our first,

But probably not our last


Our lives are different now

You wouldn’t fit

You’re just a tad too big

But, Seventeen Two Zero Seven, you will always be loved



Seventeen Two Zero Seven

May your life be long

And your love forever strong


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